Jeroen Spijker is a Dutch sculptor and photo artist. The human figure is besides conservating time a central theme in his work. He is also well known by his bronze portraits. He searches for caracter, psychology, power and inner contemplation in his portraits and statues. He made the first official portrait in bronze of the king of The Netherlands  (King Willem- Alexander)  for the ‘Provincie Gelderland’. He exposes his works of art worldwide. His works of art can be found in museums and public spaces. National museums in the Netherlands organised (solo) expositions with his art.


Jeroen Spijker exposes his works of art in respected galleries and museums (National Museums in the Netherlands). His works of art can be seen in the Netherlands and other countries on a regular base.

He is a sculptor and specialised in bronze sculptures. He also creates photographes, sometimes digitally manipulated for a conceptual art project. His works of art can be found in museum collections in the Netherlands and abroad. You can find his sculptures in public spaces. Studio 2000  (PAN Amsterdam /TEFAF Maastricht) (Blaricum, the Netherlands) and Gallery Paul Verbeeck (Antwerp, Belgium) are his main galleries.


Jeroen Spijker exposes his (digital manipulated) photographes often as conceptual works of art. He also creates series of street pictures. It is a relatively quick and another way to express himself as an artist. He looks for interesting compositions, colourschemes, intriging and special moments that will hit the’ bullseye’. By using digital techniques, conceptual idears can be expressed. The most contemporary possibilities will be used.








Till the 1st of Mai 2018 : Galerie van de Leur, (Leiden the Netherlands) Solo- exposition ‘Buenos Aires nu, Buenos Aires Ahora’ 15 street photo’s in black and white.  


Paleis van Justitie, the Haque  Solo exposition (20 photo’s)

2014 Galerie van de Leur, (Leiden, The Netherlands) Solo Exposition. ‘Maroc Maintenant,

Marokko Nu 2014’. 22 photo’s in black and white with original colour elements

made in Sale, Rabat, Casablanca and Fez during an art-journey with the painter

Gijs Donker and writer Victor Laurentius.

2012 Rijksmuseum van Oudheden,  Taffeh Tempel ( Leiden, the Netherlands) Solo

exposition, 12 photo’s.

2012 Rijksmuseum Letterkundigmuseum (The Haque, The Netherlands), 7 photo’s

 Gerrit Komrij (see also the eyecatcher of the exposition on a large scale.


In the works of art of Jeroen Spijker we will find power, psychology, caracter, elegance and inner contemplation. He works at a series of hybrides, sculptures of people from different continents as a document of our time in which ‘the meltingpot’ is just starting.

Curating and conservating is also one of his subjects. By using the longtime existing bronze as a material or the photo as a quick medium to conserve a moment in time. Streetphotography is a quick way to conserve a city, at a special or ordinary day…

The photoseries made for the Museum of Ancienity in Leiden are almost real by creating a visual illusion of plastified Egyptian sculptures that was impossible before digital techniques existed.

Artistic Movement: The Exotic Aesthetic Movement

Jeroen Spijker is co- founder of the Exotic Aesthetic Movement in 2005 together with the painter Gijs Donker.

Jeroen Spijker can be seen as one of the pre-millenial figuratives in the Netherlands. Young artists that wanted to feel the pleasure of working figurative/ after nature. They wanted to feel passion, creating art as an inner urge. They wanted to be surrounded by inspiring models, celebrate youth and life, travel and reflect the world in their individual works of art.

This stood in conflict with the uncompromising idears of the conceptual and abstract orientated artworld in the Netherlands with a strong framed avant-garde orientation by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam at that time.

20 years later works of art by Jeroen Spijker can be found in museums, public-, private- and company collections.


Works of art by Jeroen Spijker can be found in:

Vatican Museum (Rome, Italy) , Lisser Art Museum (Lisse, the Netherlands),  Letterkundig Museum ( Museum for Literature) (the Haque, the Netherlands),  Museum van Oudheden (Museum of Ancienity, Leiden, the Netherlands), Archeological Museum (Florence, Italy), Cabinet of Prints, Leiden University, (Leiden, the Netherlands), Universiteit Tilburg (Tilburg, the Netherlands), Museum Mauritshuis (The Haque, The Netherlands), Museum Bommelzolder, Purmerends Museum, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (City Theatre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Singer Laren (the Netherlands) Also;

Collection Palazzo Corsini,( Florence, Italy; largest private Princely Collection Florence), Central Public Library Amsterdam,( The Netherlands), Town community of Warmond,( the Netherlands), Gouvernors Hall Gelderland, (Arnhem, the Netherlands)


Several museums showed works of art by Jeroen Spijker like: Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (solo), Nederlands Stripmuseum Groningen, Katwijksmuseum, Letterkundigmuseum The Haque, Nederlands Drukkerij Museum, Purmerends Museum and Museum Singer Laren.


Prominent galeries in Antwerp and New York and diverse other cities showed and show his autonome sculptures and other artworks. Studio 2000 in Blaricum, the Netherlands is the main gallery.













Nederlands Drukkerij Museum

Galerie Nisse, Zeeland ( bronze sculptures)

Solo exposition Buenos Aires Nu, Buenos Aires Ahora in Galerie van de Leur Leiden. It consists of 15 black and white street photographes  ( Till the 1 st of May 2018, Breestraat 117 Leiden)


Solo exposition Het Gedroomde Museum in Galerie van de Leur Leiden ( The 6th of may till the 1st of september).

It consists of  large size paintings.

Kunsthandel Studio 2000, Blaricum
Galerie van de Leur, Leiden
Kunsthandel Paul Verbeeck, Antwerp



Studio 2000, Blaricum
Kunsthandel Marcel Gieling, Utrecht
Kunsthandel Paul Verbeeck, Antwerp
Galerie van de Leur, LeidenPaleis van Justitie, The Haque (solo)
2015 Studio 2000, Blaricum
Galerie Victor Laurentius, the Haque
Kunsthandel Marcel Gieling Utrecht
Kunsthandel Paul Verbeeck, Antwerp
Galerie van de Leur, Leiden
2014 Photo Expo Maroc Maintenant, Marokko Nu 2014. Galerie van de Leur, Leiden. ( the 15th of juni till the 15th of september 2014).
2013 Singer Laren Museum, the Netherlands, oil painting

Galerie Beelden in Leiden, BIL (several conceptual works of art), Exposition Galerie TVK, Oegstgeest, the Netherlands (sculptures)

2012 Exposition in: Letterkundig Museum The Haque (series of photo’s of the poet Gerrit Komrij).

Starting the 19th of january till the 11th of mars; exposition in Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden in the Taffeh Tempel: De Gloed van Lapis Lazuli

2011 Exposition in Katwijksmuseum, Katwijk the Netherlands

Exposition in Galerie Sevenhill, Leiden

2010 Actres Renée Soutendijk opens exposition at Studio 2000. Jeroen Spijker is also showing works of art during this exposition.
Former Minister of Finance Herman Heinsbroek opens exposition Paul de Lussanet, Jeroen Spijker is showing works of art as well.
2009 Actor Huub Stapel opens exposition in Studio 2000, april 2009. Exposition actrice and artist Carolien van den Berg, Jeroen Spijker  also exposes his works.
2008 Studio 2000, Blaricum
Galerie Piculiar, Leiden
Gouvernor of the Dutch Queen in Utrecht opens exposition ‘ Buitenplaatsen van de Utrechtse lust warande, “Een Lint vol lust”’,
‘Slot Zeist’ and ‘Landgoed de Horst’ Driebergen
2007 Gallery Ward Nasse, New York City (Soho)
Galerie Piculiar, Leiden
Studio 2000, Blaricum
Landgoed Olmenhorst, Lisserbroek
2006 Gallery Ward Nasse, New York City (Soho)
PAN Amsterdam kunstbeurs
Studio 2000, Blaricum
Galerie Piculiar, Leiden
Nederlands Strip Museum Groningen, Unveiling of bust of Marten Toonder
2005 Regthuys, Nieuwkoop.

Exposition of bust Marten Toonder Uitgeverij De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam

2004 Studio Arcese, Leiden
Artist society Ars Aemula Naturae, Leiden. Teachers exposition
2003 Seven, group exposition in Atelier Jacques Turk, Leiden
Presentation at Van der Bijl, Leiden
Open-studioroute exposition
2002 Galerie Art Deco, Leiden
Galerie Jan Knecht, Laren the Netherlands (together with sculptors Kees Verkade and Arthur Spronken)
Teachers exposition artist, society Ars Aemula Naturae, Leiden
2000 – 2016 Artgallery Paul Verbeeck, Antwerp (one of the most important galeries of Antwerpen – kunstmagazine Tableau voorjaar 2004-)
2000 Galerie Cantera, Oudegracht, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Trebosch van Lelyveld, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, Amsterdam
1999 – 2000 Portretwinkel Haarlem, the Netherlands
1999 Galerie Anna Paulownahuis, Soest, the Netherlands
1999 Kunstsite Mercurius Leiden
1998 Group exposition gallery Sidac, Leiden, the Netherlands
1997 Kunstsite Mercurius Leiden


Artistic File Jeroen Spijker

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